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Siły Krasnoludów – Brock Riders Regiment


Number of Miniatures: 10

Product Type: Sprueless Plastic Miniatures

Unit Type: Cavalry

It is a long-held tradition that dwarfs prefer to keep their feet on solid ground, and for a long time they were one of the few fighting forces to not make use of cavalry. However, tradition is not something that can stand between Berserkers and a fight. Atop mighty brocks, ferocious beasts with tempers as short as the dwarfs riding them, these unhinged warriors rush headlong into battle with little concern for their own safety. A timely charge from a regiment of Brock Riders has swung the tide of many a battle.

Opis produktu


10 Brock Riders including:

  • Premium plastic Brock Riders
  • 25x50mm plastic cavalry bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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