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Nightstalker Army


Nowa armia, Zestaw armii istot cieni. Nigdy do tej pory na świecie nie wyszła taka rasa. Figurki z wyjątkowego horroru. w grze bardzo odporne na strzelanie.

Opis produktu

Number of Miniatures: 50

Product Type: Plastic and Resin Miniatures

Unit Type: Army Set

The Nightstalkers are the dreams, nightmares, fears, and horrors of mortals made manifest. Although their incursions into our realm are thankfully rare, the devastation caused by such events is absolute on both a physical and emotional level.


  • This set contains a great starting force for Kings of War, including:
    • 40 Hard Plastic Spectres/Scarecrows
    • 5 Resin and Plastic Shadowhounds
    • 3 Plastic Butchers
    • 1 Plastic Horror
    • 1 Resin Shade
    • Plastic and MDF Square Bases
    • Mantic Points


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