Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Raiders Wave Expansion Card Pack


Zestaw dodatkowy do gry Fallout. Zestaw wszystkich kart potrzebnych do Raidrs-ów i innych jednostek podług najnowszych rozszerzeń.

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Wave 2 arrives with a new faction in the Raiders, as well as new profiles for Creatures and Robots to allow players to further increase their forces. Joining them are the Mysterious Stranger and notable equipment like the X01 armour suit and the Gauss Rifle.

This card pack contains 203 cards containing new profiles, AI cards, items, quests, mods , perks and more to allow players to use the new models in wave 2  and customise their Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniatures.


57 x Poker Cards

146 x Euro Mini Cards

Contains cards for the following sets: Raiders Core Set, Raiders Scavvers & Psychos, Ack Ack, Sinjin & Avery, Assaultrons & Protectrons, Wasteland Vermin (Molerats & Rad Roaches), Deathclaw, Sentry Bot, X0-1 & Armoured Dogmeat and Ghouls.


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